Real Sharing, Real People, Real Stories

Each time we organise our free Redbox Studio talk, we end up meeting a number of cool folks.

Last Thursday was no different.

And each time, thanks to supportive friends, evangelists and clients (yes, we have our own evangelists too – what a gorgeous thought! So Apple isn’t the only one with hordes of fans), we get full house. Full house just means a comfortable 8 persons – we didn’t want to squeeze 10 people into the room. Probably it would’ve been claustrophobic to some.

Learning what makes a website a true asset

This time around, we met with Albert Cheah and Wenny Yeap (both from VisionWell Design & Management), Izad who is a certified Law of Attraction facilitator (all the way from KL, Izad was recommended to attend our talk by his good friend KC who had attended our talk last month. ), Miss Ooi, a bubbly Math teacher who was keen to learn what it took to get online (her school in Bukit Mertajam is encouraging teachers to get started on blogging); Peggy, an insurance agent who’s thinking of starting an online business, and Mr Lee, a retired civil service officer, who simply loves learning new things.

Clients' websites get featured as case studies

From the beginning of our talk, we made it clear that we adhered to punctuality and the real concept of sharing.

It’s always unfair for early birds to wait for latecomers so we always start at 3pm sharp, regardless of the number of people in the room. After all, time is precious and people get restless if we had idle around, waiting for latecomers. If you are late, yes, you would miss out on the talk.

When we challenged ourselves to organise these free monthly talks, we knew we wanted to implement the real concept of sharing. Our intention’s to share what we know with interested people (yes you!) who wanted to improve their websites and see clear results from their business websites.

I am sure you’ve gone to plenty of seminars or talks where you just knew you were going to get baited with something else at the end of the talk – such as signing up for another seminar at RM69.99 or something. These talks are called previews of the real talk and they’re there to get you interested before you pay for the actual seminar.

Our talks are guaranteed to be the total opposite.

We won’t keep you waiting with bated breath for the “stinger”.

There’s none.

We’re genuine folks who want to share with you real information. That’s it.

If you want to go and tell a friend about us (like what KC did and got Izad to attend), we thank you. If you want to recommend our services to your friends, we thank you too. But even if you didn’t, we hoped you learnt something useful about creating websites which help you gain more customers.

Lee and Izad getting to know each other after the talk

Besides learning about websites, we get everyone to introduce themselves in a mini networking session after the talk and question-and-answer session. Who knows, you might meet a new friend or potential business partner at our sessions. We also gave out information about e-commerce for those who were interested in online selling.

So sign up if you want to join us next month – which is our Redbox Studio’s Anniversary Month! (Our business is turning 11 years old. Cool and humbling!).

See you in October and remember, sign up early if you don’t want to be left out.

After all, how many people do you know who are willing to share information without asking for your money?

More photos of the talk are at our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Real Sharing, Real People, Real Stories”

  1. Hi Nic and Team,

    Thanks again for hosting the talk. I learned some interesting things plus it was fun as well.

    Look forward to seeing you guys soon and keep up the positive vibes!


  2. Hi Izad – Thanks for your kind words. We’re glad it was fun for you too. We find that hosting these once-a-month events allow us to get out, meet new folks, learn new things and yes, end with more positive vibes. See you end of this month then! Our regards to KC – maybe we can do lunch together when you are in Penang?


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