Starting Small

Here’s a quickie update before I run off for my WomenBizSense 3rd anniversary luncheon at Strada Restaurant.

We had a great time yesterday at our first ever self-organized talk! I mean, we get invited to speak at colleges and even in USM itself by virtue of our ongoing collaboration but it’s different when you’re the organizer. Everything needs to be planned weeks in advance, even for a small talk like ours.

Yesterday’s talk was fantastic success thanks to a diverse group of friends, new ones and old, clients and supporters. We had about 8 people in the meeting room but more of that in a longer post.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

The key is: whatever you want to do, do it. Start small but start nevertheless.

Photos and more details coming up soon.

Oh yeah, if you want to sign up for the next talk on 24 September, don’t miss out. Do it now if you must.

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