I Like To Buy But I Hate To Feel Sold To!

One of those things which Nic and I dislike a lot is that a lot of marketers love selling things.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with selling products and services – heck, we’re in business too and we know selling our web design, ecommerce and web marketing as well as other consultation services to clients is the lifeblood of the business.

This is what keeps the business healthy and in good shape.

That’s why we’re still here after 11 years.

But what baffles me is how sleazy selling has become, thanks to unscrupulous marketers.

Oh ya, there are folks who say,”But if you don’t sell, how will customers buy? If you don’t ask for the sale, how will you close the deal?” Don’t leave good money hanging around dummy, that’s what they’re implying.

I say this again and again: you can sell but you don’t have to be a sleazy salesman. You can be a class act all the way.

You don’t have to grovel for the sale.

You don’t have to annoy the pants off your potential clients.

I’ve seen some “gurus” live in action, selling through fear, playing to the audience’s greed and insecurities. I’ve seen the backhanded tactics used.

Want to sell more? Upsell, cross-sell, upsell, and sell some more. Get their money while you can. Don’t be an idiot about it. Treat your potential customers like they’re dumb. Treat them like kids. Get them to open their wallets and pass, no, show you and give you the money!

That is why business has such a bad name. Business people are seen are crooks and con-men, slick sales people with tongues of honey.

You see, I’d like to buy but I hate the feeling of being sold to!

As a customer, I’d like to feel in control of the transaction, not feel like I’ve been ripped off or conned by some sly marketer or buggered to emit a yes because I was vulnerable or obligated. And online, do I see lots of these sly marketing.

Marketing that plays on fears and insecurities of people are sleaze marketing.

Have you ever attended a talk only to feel cheated of your 2-hours because the speaker had an ulterior motive at the end?

That the talk came with ‘strings attached’ – you felt you had to buy his books or training DVDs, or sign up for his other seminar (at a much higher price of course) or do something which you didn’t feel like doing but did it all the same due to a fear of losing out if you didn’t. He preyed on your fears all right.

And that’s why when we decided to hold our series of free educational talks starting this month (we just concluded one last week), we want to give information genuinely. There’s no hardsell, no pushiness, no gimme-gimme-gimme. We just want you to come, listen and ask questions. From the start of the talk, we announced that everyone can relax because we’re NOT selling anything – we’re just here to provide information and give you an idea of what a real website should be.

When Nic said that, I was sure the attendees appreciated the fact we put them at rest and gave them no reason to worry IF the sales pitch was coming on at the end of the 2-hours.

People aren’t stupid so don’t treat them as such.

In business as well as in life, treat others how you’d like to be treated. I’d like to be treated with respect and sincerity. When one is treated with respect and sincerity, one feels heard, recognized and appreciated. I am sure you would love it too when other businesses treat you well.

Treating people well means looking after them, not looking at their fat wallets.

Hence, no sales pitch. Hence, no hard sell.

Just facts so you can discover what a website can do and what it can do for your business.

So come and join us at our next talk, slated for 24 September, 3pm to 5pm if you want to know more about gearing up your business, meeting new friends and learning that yes, it is possible to attend a talk where there’s no sales pitch coming at you at the end!

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