Free Talk on 20 August – Come Join Us!

Starting this month, we are having a series of monthly free talks on all things webby. Told you we had something interesting and useful for you!

This month, we are having one on 20 August (Thursday), from 3pm to 5pm at Eureka Complex, Universiti Sains Malaysia (where we are located).

Nic will be presenting the talk titled “Your Website Is Your #1 Business Asset, Learn To Profit From It”. (I’ll be presenting on blogging and writing so watch out for my talk. 😉 A little advance promo never hurts.)

We’re only opening only 10 seats for this free talk so please pre-register here. We will only accommodate people who have registered as seats and space are truly limited!

This idea for having monthly talks came about because we were getting a bit too overwhelmed by requests to meet up!

As our time is limited, we cannot meet everyone so having a session where we meet 10 people at one time is a great way not only to educate everyone who is interested in what we do and how you can benefit from our knowledge but it is also a great chance for you to ask questions.

Learning in a group is also a good way to meet new people (network), learn from their questions, find people of similar interests and business inclinations and get information in a casual, non-threatening environment.

But what if the 10 seats are filled up?

Well, that is most likely (as we’re publicising it on Twitter and Facebook too) BUT we are organising this talk monthly so we will inform you of the next date in September.

You can also sign yourself and your friends up if you want to attend in a group – we know it is less intimidating if you bring a good friend with you! (But really, we won’t bite. We’re easygoing and happy, shiny folks.)

OK, now what if you sign up and don’t attend? We’ll blacklist you! Haha, no… just kidding. 😉

If you cannot confirm your attendance, perhaps you can sign up for the upcoming talk in September (date to be determined). Please do not sign up unless you can truly attend as you will be taking away a seat from someone else.

But if you are confirmed free on 20 August, don’t wait too long.

How about signing up right now? (Yes, you can sign up yourself and a friend.)

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