Excuse Me, What Camera Are You Using?

Do you know Anne Geddes? Even if you don’t know her, you would have seen her beautiful baby photographs in calendars. Her babies are always in such peaceful poses and atop whimsical and overly large plants and flowers and sometimes they pose as bumblebees/butterflies too. And they are so cute … Read more

What Happened Last Thursday

Here are some photos which Jade took during Nic’s talk last Thursday. But first a little background why we’re doing this. (A friend who attended told us to charge for these talks; she said she was getting so much good information!) We had wanted to hold these free talks for … Read more

I Like To Buy But I Hate To Feel Sold To!

One of those things which Nic and I dislike a lot is that a lot of marketers love selling things. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with selling products and services – heck, we’re in business too and we know selling our web design, ecommerce and web marketing as well as … Read more

Why Do You Need A Website? Honest Answer Please.

I was on the phone with a friend a week ago. Chris was asking me which printer would I recommend her to buy. (Eh, do I look like a geek? As an aside, just because I’m in the online world does not make me a resource for all things IT.) … Read more

Free Talk on 20 August – Come Join Us!

Starting this month, we are having a series of monthly free talks on all things webby. Told you we had something interesting and useful for you! This month, we are having one on 20 August (Thursday), from 3pm to 5pm at Eureka Complex, Universiti Sains Malaysia (where we are located). … Read more