See You at WOU Carnival!

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s something exciting happening at Wawasan Open University on Sunday, 5 July 2009 (10am to 8pm).

It’s called the WOU Learning Carnival where you get to participate in a number of activities such as budget movie-making, guitar clinic, paintball target shooting, learn how to make kaya or egg jam from the Nyonyas, have a Nyonya makeover, take part in a basketball shootout and lots more. Music is another big attraction with bands and singers like Pop Shuvit, Dasha Logan, The Areca Jazz Assemble and loads more.

I’ll be there to help out at the Mensa Malaysia booth. Mensa is the intellectual partner for this event and as a committee member of Mensa Penang, I’ll be volunteering my time.

We’ll be conducting Mensa IQ tests throughout the day so if you want to be invited to join the high IQ society, come and give your brains a workout.

And if you want to chat or get to know more about Mensa, come on over too.

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