She’s Too Kooky!

Vern interned with us for a few short weeks and we had so much fun with her around!

She’s an amazingly creative, thoughtful young lady and of course, she’s now back in her uni, starting her new semester. She’s also super smart and very much Mensa material.

Christmas came early for Redbox Studio!

A few days before she left, she bought us JENGA set and gave us this really cool card she designed herself!

Awww....isn't it sweet?

Thanks Vern for the delightful time you gave us here. You’re the kookiest of the lot but you know, Redbox Studio is always open to you and we mean it from our hearts.

Vern stares at her Jenga tower -- ooh 36 storey high.

Note: We have internship positions all year round. Check here for details.

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