Women & Pixel Power

Finally, our holding page for The Pixel Project is up! (Thanks Vern! You’re amazing!)

This is a temporary page while we get our bearings in order and work on the website.

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When I first met Regina last year (we were among the 18 finalists in the running for the Great Women Of Our Time Awards), I didn’t know this project was growing in her!

When she approached me in January this year, I thought, why not? I’m always excited about projects which can impact lives.

After all, women issues are very close to my heart. I have been involved in one way or another in women’s issues ever since I was in university. I take quite the stand when it comes to women’s rights and issues.

Plus it’s our principle in Redbox Studio to give back using what we do best so we consider this a community project worth supporting.

So here I am, roped in by her to join her and other volunteers in this project.

Everyone of us, spanning the globe from US, UK, Malaysia, Australia and more, are doing this on a pro bono basis with the project kicking off in December this year.

Thank God for things like Skype as we’re spread across 4 continents, 5 timezones and 10 cities, proving that there are no cultural or social barriers when it comes to this issue.

As a volunteer, I’m tasked with web design and web marketing – something that we usually do in our capacity for clients anyway. I’m definitely not alone as a few more web-savvy social media evangelists will be doing their part to get the project into viral mode.

It’s also encouraging and amazing to note how volunteers are eager and enthusiastic about this and how everyone is keen to help!

The 1 Million Challenge

The project is challenging – to raise a million dollars for Women’s Aid Organisation in Malaysia and the US partner, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It’s been given an official nod by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Of course, by doing this, we’re also raising awareness about domestic violence and violence against women.

Lots more will be revealed soon (how we’re raising the money) and how YOU can help.

But great things are in-store for The Pixel Project. We recently got award-winning international photographer, Jillian Edelstein as our principal photographer. Jillian has photographed some of the most famous names in the world including Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela and Kate Moss.

Plus celebrities (can’t reveal who at this moment) are coming forward to help too!

How you can join us to fight violence against women

You can help by following us on Twitter as we need lots of people power and you can join our group on Facebook to help us spread the word.

Because no woman deserves violence. EVER.

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