Monday Monopoly and Cendol

Just got back from seeing a new client – getting materials, photos and extra info.

Seeing that today is so warm and humid, we decided to go in search of ais kacang after we finished meeting the client.

But first we went in search of a van which sold ‘wan tau long’ only to find that van was not where it was supposed to be on Weld Quay.

So we had to go to the famous Penang Road cendol stall. I asked Vern which stall she favoured.

This is the famous Penang Road Teochew chendul, spelled the old-fashion way!

(There are 2 stalls, each as good as the other but it seems the stall on your right as you turn into this narrow road is STILL the favourite of many people. Branding? Maybe. Because taste-wise, the other opposite stall does not taste too off the mark either.)

We settled on the FAMOUS one because it seemed the guy had more energy! Now the price of a bowl of thirst-quenching cendol is RM1.70. And he sells so many bowls it’s hard to keep count.

There's really no typical day at Redbox Studio...

Now you can order and go sit in his ‘green house’, a little shop painted a bright green, a little further down from his stall and slurp the cendol comfortably instead of standing by his stall and being so dangerously close to the passing cars and trucks which ply this little road! The shop sells meat puffs, Penang rojak and egg tarts too.

Mondays are actually quite fun come to think of it.

Time for a Monopoly game in the office!

Take last Monday for example.

We played Monopoly in the office. I had not played this game in decades, not since I left school. Vern brought her Monopoly set from home. I realized how fun and social board games can be.

Monopoly was one of my favourite board games while growing up

In the world of Nintendo Wii and all those zippy digital games, I still love the camaraderie and enjoyment of a board game where dice are rolled and people talk while playing.

Oh ya, Nic won in the end. He had bought up all the railways, took our properties, bankrupted us and laughed guffawed all the way to the finishing line.

Even though I had my red hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair!

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