How Enticing Is Your Story?

How enticing is your website on the internet?

One of the things we enjoy the most in our business is when we visit a client’s business and talk to them way before the website is conceptualised and built.

This not only gives us a much better idea of how to position this client on the world wide web but it also allows us to design with their purpose in mind.

And our walk-through process is often fun.

It’s Like An Aussie Walkabout

We had a blast yesterday when we did a walk-through at a new client’s place which specializes in helping people get their 20/20 vision back, no matter how long they’ve been shortsighted or longsighted. There’s nothing as emotional as the gift of perfect vision.

Our walk-through helps us understand what the client’s business does, how they do it, why they do it and what their key differences are from their competitors.

During this process, we ask that clients be totally transparent and upfront about everything with us. Tell us both the good and bad. We’re here to listen, sift through, find the best way to tell their story online using a website.

How Enticing Is Your Story?

Every story is different even if sometimes they seem to look similar.

Because every business has its own selling points. Its USP, if you like.
(Even twins aren’t alike in every sense so what makes businesses think they are all alike?)

If you hold that thought that your business is similar to another, you have to dig deeper to find your own authenticity then. If you don’t know why you’re worth buying from (compared to your cheaper priced competition down the road), you’re in big trouble. Don’t rest till you find out why people need to buy from you. And it’s never about the price.

Get Marketing To Join the Party

It’s also great when walk-throughs involve the marketing folks as they can tell us lots more about their offerings.

Notice that we talk to marketing people rather than IT people. The reason is that the website (or any website for that matter) is supposed to help you sell your products or services to your customers.

IT stuff is technical stuff. Marketing stuff is where the real business is.

Nothing pisses me more than people who still live in the ’90s. Who think a website is nothing more than a colourful version of their regular brochure.

It’s also a great way to find out if the client knows their business as well as they think they know it.

If they are passionate about their products, we notice it the moment we talk to them. Their eyes light up. Their faces break into smiles. Their body language is open and positive.

Yesterday, we noticed lots of stuff. That the people we spoke to were eager and excited about us building their website for them. That we spoke the same language as them – the language of marketing.

That’s why we’re first and foremost business people using the web as a marketing platform.

And yeah, we’re excited too.

(You know how the universe works? The moment we announced to everyone we’re not taking in any new clients for June, we’re flooded with clients. But we’re still sticking to our promise – taking 1 whole month to focus on ourselves – Redbox Studio. A complete revamp of our website, our marketing materials, our focus. Look out for the new us at the end of this month.)

By the way, we’ll be in Langkawi tomorrow.

Give us a holler if you want to meet up with us for drinks!

1 thought on “How Enticing Is Your Story?”

  1. I am excited to hear about the Red Box Studio “Make-Over”! Looking forward to seeing what your new look will be.

    This post makes me think of a couple of things.

    1. You mentioned that it was so “90’s” to think a website is nothing more than a colorful (and html or some other code) version of the company regular brochure. Now we can do so much more – Internet marketing has become more like “edutainment” an exciting combination of education and entertainment that captivates an ideal client.

    2. I recently watched a DVD by Rajesh Setty called “The Fulcrum Effect”. On this DVD Raj defines “personal brand” which I also believe describes what companies and organizations should also keep in mind with all of their marketing – Raj says your brand is “your promise you make to the world and your market”.

    Your post title raises a great question “How enticing IS your (or my) story?”


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