Best Stuff Online To Kickstart Your Success

Here are some of the best stuff online, according to us. If you have a great resource to share, please do! Sometimes it takes just one idea to spark off everything.

Best articles to read:
How to simplify your social media routine by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.

How to find your amazing work

Best videos to watch:

Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech 2005 at Stanford. How to trust that your dots will connect even when they lead you off the well-worn path.

Nick Vujicic is about finishing strong. A fantastic video on human strength despite the challenges.

Harv Eker, author of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, explains your money blueprint and how it affects your wealth.

Professor Randy Pausch may have passed on but his commencement speech at Carnegie Mellon University lives on in his words. This video was recorded during his speech on 18 May 2008.

You cannot plan innovation. Mistakes allow you to learn. Live for the future. Get more from Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, gives a funny yet heartwarming commencement speech at Carnegie Mellon.

For a true dose of commencement speech, nothing is like comedian Bill Cosby’s speech at Carnegie Mellon.

His headmaster said the boy was either going to prison or going to be a millionaire. Richard Branson talks about his business acumen, starting from the age of 9.

Riveting ideas by remarkable people are all on

AtGoogleTalks is a series of ongoing talk-show style videos featuring bestselling authors, newsmakers, academics at Google – people who have ideas, people who innovate, people who keep the world going.

Best Success Stories To Get Inspired With
From Jeff Bezos to Ray Kroc to Akio Morita, you cannot help but be inspired as you read the life stories of these rags-to-riches entrepreneurs. Get them at the Great Minds of Business .

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