3 Things From A Rich Sister

Fee, me, Nic and Tze with Tenzin Kacho, Robert Kiyosaki's sister

Tenzin Kacho (formerly Emi Kiyosaki) was one of the speakers during the Robert Kiyosaki wealth seminar last weekend at the Mines Seri Kembangan. Ordained by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, she sought a different path from her famous brother. She also recently co-authored a book with Robert called Rich Brother, Rich Sister.

And she works with the dying.

Yet in her gentle face and soft voice, Tenzin commanded a power of her own. Different from the charisma of her brother but similarly positive.

We managed to speak to her during one lunch session after hearing her message of 3 regrets:

1. Not taking a leap when you could have

2. Not telling someone you loved them or not forgiven them

3. Not communicating

Her overriding question was – How did you live your life? Did you take every opportunity that came your way?

I believe it is very courageous of her to tell this message because far too many people are afraid of taking risks, of doing what’s right, of creating our own peaceful minds and hearts.

Her work with the dying has opened her eyes to true living.

Her question always come back to “How do we live if we know we are going to die?”

The advice I got is that financial wealth and ethics create inner peace. One without the other is hopeless.

What do you think about Tenzin’s questions?

Coming up – The 10 reasons why businesses fail by Kelly Ritchie, one of the Rich Dad Advisors. Stay tuned!

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