What Really Frustrates Ecommerce Users

If you own an online store or thinking of owning one, here’s something that you should make a note of. Ecommerce is about making the buying process as simple and as easy as you can. An ecommerce transaction that is completed means a few things: 1. The buyer has the … Read more

Women & Pixel Power

Finally, our holding page for The Pixel Project is up! (Thanks Vern! You’re amazing!) This is a temporary page while we get our bearings in order and work on the website. When I first met Regina last year (we were among the 18 finalists in the running for the Great … Read more

Monday Monopoly and Cendol

Just got back from seeing a new client – getting materials, photos and extra info. Seeing that today is so warm and humid, we decided to go in search of ais kacang after we finished meeting the client. But first we went in search of a van which sold ‘wan … Read more

10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

One of the best presentations we heard during the Robert Kiyosaki seminar last month was one by Kelly Ritchie. Kelly is one of Rich Dad advisors and wow, he was a powerhouse on that stage. With massive energy and lots of humour, he made sure we knew what he was … Read more

How Enticing Is Your Story?

One of the things we enjoy the most in our business is when we visit a client’s business and talk to them way before the website is conceptualised and built. This not only gives us a much better idea of how to position this client on the world wide web … Read more

Best Stuff Online To Kickstart Your Success

Here are some of the best stuff online, according to us. If you have a great resource to share, please do! Sometimes it takes just one idea to spark off everything. Best articles to read: How to simplify your social media routine by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits. How to find … Read more

It Takes One Simple Idea

You don’t have to be a millionaire to change the world. I was rummaging through my old emails and this video forward caught my eye. It is inspiring, it is impactful, it does change lives. A simple concept but a powerful one indeed. Did that intrigue you? Then find more … Read more

An Incredible Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs

I got to know Anna Campbell of Women Business Owners in mid 2004 back in the days when I was still working from home and I have been highly impressed with her work – she inspired me to set up my own businesswomen’s networking group, WomenBizSense in 2006. Anna is … Read more