Unexpected Yet Pleasant Surprise

We had a visitor at our office this afternoon.

Nic and our geometric artist friend - Mohd Fadzil Othman

We were taken by surprise.

At first we didn’t recognize him.

After all it had been more than a year since we last saw him. (You know how awkward it is when you know a face and not know his name because one’s mind blanks out!)

And it was under another set of circumstances!

But Mohd Fadzil Othman, an artist we’d met in March 2008, remembered us and more than that, found our office and said hello. His son-in-law had done a google search and found his father-in-law’s art photos online on our Flickr page. Armed with a vague idea that he remembered us and that we were located in USM, Mohd Fadzil came searching for us and found us.

You can see this gentleman’s art work at our Flickr page (which we captured a year ago). He had a good memory and recalled our company name – we have a tendency to talk to artists when we visit art galleries.

Mohd Fadzil Othman makes geometric art with nature as his inspiration. The geometric and perfectly symmetrical art are intricate, delicate and begs one to get closer for a look. Using wood, nails and string, he weaves patterns from nature such as petals and leaves. Sometimes he uses light to help him create even more geometric shapes and patterns within a pattern.

After he saw Nic’s art (which hangs in our office), he insisted that Nic should pick up his brush again.

I think so too!

Art is a lucrative field, don’t you think?

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