What We Learnt From Rich Dad Last Week

This was a last minute decision but it was one of the best decisions we’d ever made. A dear friend had phoned me the week before and asked if I wanted to attend a wealth seminar at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center, Seri Kembangan from 22 to 24 … Read more

Meeting Robert Kiyosaki And More!

Yes, we’re back from our short but amazing trip to KL – actually it was Mines in Seri Kembangan where we attended the 3-day National Achievers Congress which featured THE author of the best-selling non-fiction book, Robert Kiyosaki and his team of Rich Dad advisors. Will post photos and more … Read more

Will You Help This Charity?

This is a quick appeal especially if you are a business owner. St Nicholas Home for the Blind is organising a charity fundraiser event on 28 June this year called Walk For Sight at Padang Polo and they are appealing for sponsorship of prizes to make the event a success. … Read more

Unexpected Yet Pleasant Surprise

We had a visitor at our office this afternoon. We were taken by surprise. At first we didn’t recognize him. After all it had been more than a year since we last saw him. (You know how awkward it is when you know a face and not know his name … Read more

Can You Run Your Non-Profit Like A Business?

Many businesses don’t get it. They don’t get why a website is different from their brochure and they sure as hell don’t know how to use this digital medium to help them market and promote their business offerings. We’ve always ranted that Malaysian websites tend to suck. And rightly so. … Read more

Face to Face With A Storyteller

I just got back on Tuesday from my KL trip – it was short and sweet and inspiring. In fact, it happened so fast that I needed to catch my breath a bit. Meeting personal development coach/trainer/speaker/author Robin Sharma was a dream. I’m usually quite all right and calm but … Read more

It’s Not About The Freaking SEO And Here’s Why

In recent months, when I talk to clients or prospects, everyone seems to know about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO means optimising your website with the right keywords, description and page titles so that when people search, they can find your website listed on the first page of search … Read more