If Your Target Market Are Youth, Then Read On…

Just read in today’s Star newspaper that 45% of Malaysian youth (aged between 8 to 24 years old) intends to use the Internet over other media.

According to the survey carried out by Synovate, more Malaysian youth are going online to find useful information and to keep themselves updated with the latest news. In fact, the youth go as far to say that they could not live without the Internet!

Actually this is not new. Even I could not live without the Internet! What would I do without my email and blogs? Or my Facebook interactions and my tweets on Twitter? Haha, I would curl up and die. That’s what.

And get this – many of the youth surveyed are active bloggers who spend their time blogging or reading other blogs or commenting on blogs.

So what does this mean for Malaysian businesses?

It means that if your target market are Malaysian youth, then get ready to communicate with them using the medium that they are most comfortable with.

In this case, it would be going online, going to blogs they visit and love most. In this case, Malaysian businesses who want to reach out to these young people should be visible in the same places as these youth.

Plus they’re also big on social networking, spending time updating their profiles and pages. So if your reach is lacking, look at social networks.

But like all strategies, you should be thinking of this as a longterm strategy. It’s not something you can create in a week, seed it in some social networks and hope the targets come running to you.

What I am most surprised these days is how little businesses understand about social media.

It’s more SOCIAL than it’s about the media. The media is just a vehicle for today’s generation to connect with each other. And connection is the true art of socialising.

And this takes time.

A helluva time.

Time, my dear, is the currency of the social (online) world.

If you don’t have time to see your campaign take off and grow slowly, then perhaps social media isn’t for you. It’s best to try some other method. But it’s hard to try another method when everyone is going online…and living their lives openly online.

What is your take on this? Do you think we’re all doomed in the hands of social media? A penny for your thoughts please.

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