How to Thrive As a Freelance Writer

Just got news today as I logged into Facebook that good friend, Li Jin, was featured on BFM (The Business Station at 89.9).

Li Jin writes for so many magazines that I’ve lost count.

She has been my friend for yonks…we knew each other since my days as the web editor of (now defunct) back in 2000.

She is a freelance writer and a damn good one too. She is one person who is all for seizing the day. Even with four kids between 4 to 14, she still puts time aside for herself – like backpacking to Thailand last year. And this is one woman who has her feet on the ground.

If you’re keen to start writing as a freelance career but worry about how to survive in these lean times, listen to her and her tips on managing core finances while freelancing.

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