How to Keep Your Website Exciting

Getting a website is easy – just pay someone to get it done for you. But keeping a website fresh and exciting – NOW that’s a totally different story!

As we all know or seem to know, our Malaysian mentality is this – we can bloody well build the world’s biggest building or make the nicest looking park but then leave them to rot due to lack of maintenance!

I’ve come across websites which have never been updated since the day they were launched. And does that piss me off? Of course!

And it’s all the fault of the web designer anyway. Most web designers hand over a website to the client and hope to God that this customer won’t come and bug them about updates.

And if they do, they charge them a king’s ransom for changes. (This I know to be true. A friend who has now become our client told us about how she was ‘ransomed’ each time she wanted to update her old website. Her previous designer said that it would cost RM300 per update, regardless how minor the change is. Now this is too much, don’t you think?)

We, on the other hand, will email our clients every 3 months to ask them to send us stuff so we can help them update their websites. This keeps the website always fresh with new information and allows their visitors to continuously learn new things about our clients.

It’s always win-win when you maintain your website regularly – just like a car needs to be finetuned and maintained once in a while, so does your website. (And if you take on our consultation service, we help suggest improvements and changes as well as how to best market your website.)

But most people do not know what they can update their websites with.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

New Products/Services – Have you launched any new products or services recently? Added some new feature? Share that on your website.

In the News – Was your business featured in the news recently? Got interviewed for a magazine or trade journal? Share that on your website.

Customer Feedback – Did your customers give you positive feedback? Did someone comment positively about your service? Share that on your website.

Business Changes – Did you hire extra staff? Renovate your business premises? Added more orders? Changed address? Expanded your reach to other regions? Share that on your website.

Awards – Did you receive an award recently? Did you get international recognition? Share that on your website.

Photos – Don’t know what to write or how to say it? Show it with photos. People love looking at other people’s photos. Share that on your website.

So you see, you have plenty of good stuff to share on your website. You just have to open your eyes and ears!

So keep the search engines happy (and keep your customers coming back for more) by updating and refreshing your website content!

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