Are You Living A Myth?

Update: We’ve been more than a little busy. Just got back from three days in Langkawi where we met with a new client and had a walk-through of their business. Also we’re revamping our own website so watch out for a new Redbox Studio look very soon! After all our website is the first place many prospects and clients visit so we’re always improving our look and content! So you see, we don’t only build websites for clients but we walk our talk too. Today’s post is about a fantastic book every entrepreneur should never miss!


Have you read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth books?

The E in the E-myth is Entrepreneur. I highly recommend his books especially if you are just starting your business and want to know how to run a successful, thriving business and if you want this business to continue long after you are gone.

Gerber debunks all the regular myths about being an entrepreneur and even I was surprised when I read his book many years ago. But he makes really good sense. And he tells you that what you think is important for a business may just be a myth!

Gerber says that the focus of any great business lies in the system.

Without a system, you are just kidding yourself when you say you actually like working like a dog for the business. You don’t have to work like a dog and lose sleep just because you’re the business owner. Oh yes, I initially thought that working 10x harder meant I was a better entrepreneur.

What a load of bull.

There is a smarter way to run a business and Gerber tells you how.

For us, reading Gerber’s books (E-Myth Mastery & E-Myth Revisited) have been eye-openers.

That is why our Redbox Studio business is run on systems – we have online systems to keep track of everything and as much as possible, put things into automation mode. That’s why we have a lean team and a team which coordinates work mostly online. It also means we can delegate work to staff, communicate with clients and do all the necessary work even if we’re not physically in the office.

Running a small business like ours often means we have to be a little bit smarter and a little bit better than others. Call it guerrilla style if you wish. (By the way, we’re also big fans of Guerrilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson, in case you haven’t noticed.)

Anyway, Gerber’s podcast is worth a listen.

And yes, go and get his books. They’re priceless for every entrepreneur!

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