Why The Great British Tour Promo Is So Clever

I am a frequent flyer at AirAsia and for good reason too, they’re affordable and fun! They’re the people you want to connect with because maybe we all like a super David and Goliath story. You know, AirAsia’s the David.

Don’t tell me you don’t know who the Goliath is. (OK, if you’re not living in Malaysia, you probably don’t know but it is Malaysia Airlines, our national airline).

Anyway, I got this AirAsia “Great British Tour” promo in my inbox and thought that they’re pretty clever at marketing. They’ve always been but they’re getting savvier day by day.

Hats off to them.

Mainly the promo ad is about their new flights to the UK at cheap prices.

It helps that they’re ingenious when it comes to applying online techniques. (As an aside, has anyone tried to buy air tickets online at the Malaysia Airlines website? CC, my friend, tells me she is often frustrated because she never succeeds and instead has to pick up the phone and call them.)

Let me tell you why they’re cool (AirAsia, not Malaysia Airlines. Sorry Idris Jala. I think you’re doing a fine job turning Malaysia Airlines around but you still need to check out your own website.)

1. AirAsia is using personas now.

Besides the very obvious fact that the Great British Tour is a contest announcement (and I know we Malaysians are nuts about joining contests and winning prizes), AirAsia makes your life easier by using 3 personas to help you decide HOW you want to see Britain.

We have Cres, the Culture Guru who’s a European art fan from KL.

Then we have Kexin, the Gourmet Expert who wonders what the Brits can offer her tastebuds.

Finally we have Nicholas, the Camera Buff, whose pastime is gallivanting the world for that perfect snapshot.

All of us are a combination of Cres, Kexin and Nicholas because yes, we’re Malaysians. We feel we’re a bit sophisticated yet we’re still in search of good food and great travel spots.

The key is that we identify with these 3 personalities. When we do so and it’s a contest, we’re already THAT much closer to wanting to join.

When you click to join, the website specifically asks you which persona you identify best with and asks you to guess how much they spent in London (that’s the contest part). Plus they make it such as if you’re reading your best pal’s journal!

2. AirAsia is blunt about what you should be doing.

You are even told point blank to “Blog It” and spread the word on your blog (like I’m doing right now). There’s really nothing in it for me but I want to show you how AirAsia runs a promo contest and does it with a bit of flair. They say: If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to include us on your blog and tell others about the contest. Spread the message, spread the love.

Key marketing point to take away: Tell your audience what you want them to do. Don’t waffle. Be direct and yes, people will actually do what you ask them. IF you ask them nicely and dangle a nice carrot like a trip to London. And if you forward the contest onwards, the higher your chances of winning that 5 day 4 night trip to the land of fish and chips.

3. Make it bold

When you get to the contest website, you know you need to share the good stuff with families and friends. AirAsia’s done it for you.

They’ve specifically BOLD the words “Tell a friend” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll never forget to tell your friends this way.

Key point to remember: Whatever you want your visitor to do, make it easy and make it prominent.

Sometimes we don’t always need to read Harvard Business Reviews to learn what makes businesses grow and grow well. It just needs a quick observant eye and some marketing smarts and you’re well on your way to learning from the successful ones in business!

Like an AirAsia promo ad to publicize their flights to Britain!

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