Making Them Love You (And Buy Your Products)

Read this excellent article on Dosh Dosh just today. (By the way, we were travelling the past couple of days. Had a great time in KL – a brief break to visit friends hence the brief silence on the blog.)

A friend whom I am working with on a hush-hush project (well, hush hush until she gives the green light to publicize it, that is) emailed this over and I thought it was too good to keep to myself.

[I will definitely shout it out loud when she gives me the OK to talk about it. Until then, we are 14 people spanning 5 continents in different timezones working on a very worthwhile cause. When I say, very, it’s true. This could be one of the largest and most meaningful projects I have ever worked on.]

Anyway back to today’s post.

Everyone wants to know what the heck social media marketing is. Is it the new flavour of the month? What can I, the small business person, do with all this Twitter, Youtube, MySpace etc? Do I sign up for every damn social media platform and go at it till I go green in the gills?

And why is it that Dell, that megacomputer company, has 100K followers on Twitter? (Answer: The best Dell deals are only on Twitter.)

Or why teenage millionaires pop up overnight? (Not exactly overnight but you know, they do get rich. And it’s not a fairy tale either. Maybe that’s why lots of people fall for the get-me-rich schemes.)

Anyway, read the Dosh Dosh article on what makes for a powerful longterm social media strategy.

Powerful stuff!

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