Don’t Waste Your Website

I always get annoyed when people tell me they just want a website designed just because everyone they know has a website.

If this is the case, my answer would be: “Don’t have a website because you don’t know the first thing about websites.”

You see, again and again I have to say this: a website is not a brochure. A brochure tells a customer what a business offers.

But your website should never be just a brochure. What a waste it would be!

Your website should be a salesman.

And what does a salesman do? It persuades customers to buy from you. It helps you get more customers.

But not any website can be a true salesman. A website can only be a true salesman if it has been designed to ‘persuade’. And this is where you need to know the difference between website designers and people who use the web as a platform for marketing.

Like I always say, we are business people first because we use the web (in this case, your website) to help you garner customers. While visually appeal is important to us, we also focus on the words on your website.

Most designers use the same words you use on your brochure and slap them on your website. No wonder you don’t get any enquiries! (It’s really not your fault you know. You didn’t know any better but your web designer should. And if he doesn’t, then shame on him.)

And then there’s the technical aspect which of course most customers are not aware of. How is your website designed? How does it load? What about searchability? Can Google find your website among the millions billions online? Are you being found by your prospects? Does your website inspire confidence or does it make you look cheap and tacky even though you have great products?

You see, the saddest thing is not that you don’t have great products, it’s that your website misrepresents you, giving the perception that you have cheap products! If that is the perception, no wonder prospects don’t contact you.

A good friend once told me about a friend of his who is well-travelled and seen a good bit of the world. Who knows what good taste is. Who knows what ugliness is. And yet, this person has the ugliest website ever! So what went wrong, he asks me. He really wanted to know why someone with such good taste can end up with such an ugly, cheap website.

My answer is simple – there are 2 reasons. One, his friend doesn’t really know what elegance is. Or the other reason is, he knows what a thing of beauty is but he just wanted to save costs and got himself a cheap designer. End of story.

Getting a cheap website ruins more than your reputation, it ruins credibility in your products no matter how good they are.

It gives people a bad (first) impression. And a cheap website is a brochure website which is a truly bad business decision because it will not give you a return on your investment (it’s not meant to persuade customers to step right in and buy/contact/get to know you).

If you don’t have the budget for a better website, sometimes it’s better to wait and save up for a ‘salesman’ website than jump onto the world wide web and get a ‘brochure’ website.

We don’t consider ourselves gurus (hate that word anyway) but we consider we know enough to help you market your business online. A website we recently revamped for a our clients has not only been getting enquiries on a weekly basis but also getting media attention too. Now what would that sort of attention do for your business? Nice thought isn’t it? 😉

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