Congrats Stefania & Barrett!

Now is your chance to make your favourite sarawak laksa stall in Kuching become famous.

Just got news from Stefania and Barrett, the husband and wife team and who are our clients that her cafe was one of those visited by the Sarawak Tourism Board (with a bevy of Singaporeans in tow) during the preliminary look-see for the upcoming Sarawak Laksa Escapade Tour.

She’s pretty excited and I can understand why. If shortlisted, they will be featured in a Singaporean foodie programme.

Sarawakians and non-Sarawakians are mad over their fave sarawak laksa and everyone has their fave stall in Kuching.

So if you want your stall to matter and win, be kiasu and go email in your suggestions. All you need to do is email the stall’s name, full address and contact number (if available) to Sarawak Tourism Board by March 10. Email all your suggestions to

Once shortlisted, these stalls will be visited by Singapore’s food ambassador Moses Lim when he arrives for the Sarawak Laksa Escapade Tour.

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