Growing Your Own Air

Here’s a simple and effective way of growing your own air. Yes, air. That’s not a typo there. Air, not hair. In our office, we’re big believers of green plants. And in this video below, let Kamal Meattle tell you the top 3 plants you should have in your office … Read more

Don’t Waste Your Website

I always get annoyed when people tell me they just want a website designed just because everyone they know has a website. If this is the case, my answer would be: “Don’t have a website because you don’t know the first thing about websites.” You see, again and again I … Read more

Making Them Love You (And Buy Your Products)

Read this excellent article on Dosh Dosh just today. (By the way, we were travelling the past couple of days. Had a great time in KL – a brief break to visit friends hence the brief silence on the blog.) A friend whom I am working with on a hush-hush … Read more

How Does Your Company Engage With The Outside World?

I was reading HubSpot’s blog post by Pete Caputa on hiring B2B marketing consultant and one sentence stood out: Your site is more important than you might realize “Enquiro surveyed 1,000 B2B buyers and found that ‘respondents across all phases indicated that the website of the vendor’ was the top … Read more

3 Steps To Unlock Designer Block

Gave a talk this morning to the final year undergrads at USM. I had wondered what to talk about when I was invited last week by Goh, a long-time friend who is with the USM School of Arts. In the end I decided that final year students need a wake-up … Read more

What a Weekend!

Our weekends are generally quite relaxed unless we have a pile of events to attend. Usually this means anything that is outside of work. Seafood Dinner That’s So NOT Worth It Friday, we headed off for a seafood buffet dinner at Cititel downtown but let me tell you, it’s not … Read more

Congrats Stefania & Barrett!

Now is your chance to make your favourite sarawak laksa stall in Kuching become famous. Just got news from Stefania and Barrett, the husband and wife team and who are our clients that her cafe was one of those visited by the Sarawak Tourism Board (with a bevy of Singaporeans … Read more

Why The Great British Tour Promo Is So Clever

I am a frequent flyer at AirAsia and for good reason too, they’re affordable and fun! They’re the people you want to connect with because maybe we all like a super David and Goliath story. You know, AirAsia’s the David. Don’t tell me you don’t know who the Goliath is. … Read more