MIRC 2009 Chinese New Year Dinner

Last night, we decided to join Patie and the rest of the MIRC folks at the CNY Dinner at Chef & Brew Restaurant at Krystal Point. After all, we had not joined any of the activities since the MIRC moved to their own premises at SunTech City.

While we had enjoyed the casual atmosphere at Starbucks e-Gate (where the MIRC meets are held monthly), it was sometimes a bit too noisy for networking. Plus we heard that John the MIRC manager had left. What a pity!

CNY Dinner at Chef & Brew for MIRC Penang members
CNY Dinner at Chef & Brew for MIRC Penang members

If there was one person who personified true friendliness, it would be John. With his cheerful grin, he greeted everyone at every MIRC meet as if he were meeting old friends. Although we didn’t know him very well, what we saw of him and heard of him impressed us greatly. Warm, friendly and engaging, John would try to make everyone feel at home at the networking sessions.

Patie Tan, regular volunteer host and emcee
Patie Tan, regular volunteer host and emcee

Last night was a first as MIRC had never had a dinner (payable if you weren’t an MIRC member but free if you were) before. Plus it was a chance for us to be introduced to Sandra, the new manager hired to fill John’s place. Of course, it was also a chance to meet new faces (many were new last night) and hear what MIRC has in store for 2009.

Patie and Nic
Patie and Nic

I met YP Lai, the regional director for BNI, for the second time though we’ve reconnected more times online at Ecademy! I also caught up with Rajan, the manager and owner of Dr Heart, an automobile agency. He is another friend I had met during a BNI event long ago and we happily started talking the moment I walked in the door.

Of course, some were old friends – TQM specialists, Jenny and her husband were there. And of course, Patie too who co-owns Click Start Marketing Sdn Bhd. (Patie is a regular volunteer at MIRC events, sometimes doubling up at the emcee and host.) Halfway during dinner, Poh Yan of Exabytes also came by to introduce herself.

Nice meeting you all again – Rajan, Poh Yan, YP, Jenny!

Hope to see you guys more at the next meet up.

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  1. Krista,

    It was really great to see you too!

    It was an enjoyable dinner indeed. MIRC should have events like these more often.

    Looking forward to seeing you at future events. And as always, Wishing you the best of luck & everything nice this ‘Year of The Ox’

    Best regards,

    Rajan Baliah Esq
    DR Heart Automobile


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