Looking to Increase Web Traffic? Don’t!

I thought this was a brilliant explanation by Melody Campbell, the Small Biz Guru on why you should not be thinking if increasing web traffic.

Far too many people get excited at the thought of attracting website traffic/website visitors but let Melody clue you in on why you should not and when you really should.

Stop thinking about search engine optimisation.

Stop thinking about blogging.

Stop thinking about advertising on Google or Facebook or whatever.

Stop it all and go read Melody’s post. You’ll be very glad you did.

5 thoughts on “Looking to Increase Web Traffic? Don’t!”

  1. Thanks for the comments about the post on my blog. We all know that traffic is basically a good thing but it’s a complete waste if you have done a few simple things first.

    It’s like the time I tried to run up a down escalator – I barely made it to the top but I nearly passed out. It was a dumb thing to do but it’s amazing how many people try to do business this way, going against sound Internet marketing practices. The get frustrated and throw up their hands and say – “This stuff doesn’t work it’s just a bunch of hype” In reality, just a few simple things would help them be so successful they wouldn’t believe it.

  2. @ Justin: Thanks! Life’s all about sharing good stuff!

    @ Melody: Like I said, you are spot on with your insightful post. I wish more people think a little bit more before they rush out like wild bulls to get the latest thing to help them do more. Yup, they focus on so many things that the real thing gets neglected. Thank you for bringing this up and thank you for putting some commonsense where it’s needed.

  3. Wow you took the complete opposite approach from what i expected to read. But as i read the entire message i can tell you are serious about the user experience and not just focusing on visitors to your site or blog but CONVERTING users. When it comes to converting (depending what your goals are) the use of videos, diagrams, testimonials and friendly landing pages should solve your problems.

  4. Hi James: Thanks for your good tips! Yes, the goal is to convert visitors to customers when they come to the website. But most traffic-generating tactics bring in traffic, sure, and that’s a great goal. But what happens to this traffic when they arrive is another matter. And if we look at numbers going to a website but not asking, what are they here for and did they achieve what they came for (regardless of how they came, via PPC, via organic search, via affiliates) then we will never know how we are doing.

    Of course, large numbers coming to a website and not engaging with the website is one of the biggest problems. A low level of engagement means people didn’t connect with what the website had for them, didn’t touch their pain/pleasure points, didn’t make them curious enough to email or contact the website owners.

    The key is not only to make large numbers come to the website but to get them interested enough to ‘start’ a dialogue or conversation with the website owners/biz owners. Once there is interest, there is opportunity for other types of engagement – signing up for a newsletter, coming to your seminar, buying your products, referring you to others, etc.


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