How To Speed Up Your Blogging

Whenever I meet people (especially those who read my blogs), they often say that I seem to write a lot.

And I do.

But when I ask them if they blog, they will say they don’t have time to do so.

But first, why would you need to blog?

Good question.

Not everyone needs to blog and I know this very well. I know.It sounds so counterproductive as I am big on blogging yeah?

If you want to keep your private life private, please don’t blog. If you blog, your life will be on display. Even though I live and breathe the Internet world, I would not force blogging on anyone. Like golfing. Not everyone wants to golf despite the well-meaning intentions of most golfers.

But if you do blog, then good for you. It’s one of the many ways you can communicate with people you want to communicate with. But how does one blog better or faster when there’s a million tasks to be done before the day ends?

Here are some tips to speed up your blogging.

1. Promise to write at least 3 posts each time you login to your blog.

Yes. That seems like a lot but the idea is, once you start writing, you can continue writing. You know like inertia. If you’re not moving, you’re not moving but once you get moving, you have the momentum to keep going for a while. So take that energy or muse and push it to the limit. Aim for at least 3 posts when you are writing. Dedicate half a day, twice a week to this blogging habit and you will never be short of ideas for your blog posts. If you write 3 posts in one go, you have already covered the next 3 days worth of blogging.

2. Read blogs that matter

We cannot write in a vacuum. I for one cannot write without some form of input. On days when you’re not particularly inspired to blog, go read other people’s blogs. But not just any old blog. Find blogs which talk about issues close to your heart. What are your reactions to those posts? Use those to spark off your own posts. Don’t know where to find blogs? Try or
Lots of good blogs are listed there.

3. Crop photos all in one go

You know what sucks up time? Resizing photos. Actually downloading and resizing photos take up a whole lot of time if you’re not careful. I’ve worked with people who like using Adobe Photoshop to crop photos but if you want a faster way to do this (and you are not a Photoshop user), then I suggest you try Faststone. Once you download and install this free photo resizer software, you can resize lots of photos in one go (or one click).

FastStone Photo Resizer is an image converter/resizer that lets you convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batching mode. This software fires up easily and lets you do the necessary in one click. Highly recommended for bloggers!

4. Draft ideas as they happen.

Sometimes, ideas fly in from nowhere. Instead of letting them run away, quickly draft them out in a notebook first. Transfer them into your blog for fleshing out later. Ideas can happen any time, any where and particularly if you are watching TV, flipping a magazine or in the shower (we all get our eureka moments while washing our hair!).

5. Set a time limit for blogging.

Focus on a deadline and you will be able to speed things up. If you set the clock to buzz after 2 hours, you will inadvertently work faster too. If you don’t set a time limit, you will be blogging the whole day! It’s OK if blogging is your main job but for most of us, it isn’t. So while blogging can get you somewhere, don’t let it suck up your time either.

6. Type faster

I know this is really strange but if you want to blog faster, make sure you can type really fast. And what if you’re the kind who uses 2 fingers to type? Then learn up touch typing. One of those things I am quite good at is typing because I owned a typewriter when I was young. It gave me lots of practise!

Then if you find you are still slow at typing, take a look at this free typing tutor download or these 8 typing tutor sites.

Or learn while playing typing games which are addictive and fun!

So there you have it.

Try these 6 tips and let me know how they work for you!

Oh and one more bonus, Melody has 5 practices that will help you develop your writing and blogging skills. Go over and read her post!

6 thoughts on “How To Speed Up Your Blogging”

  1. Okay – I am fast becoming a fan of your. This was post had a couple of cool tips. I just went and downloaded FastStone Photo Resizer. I have used photo shop for years but it doesn’t allow for batch resizing that I am aware of. I just trained a client of mine to use a blog for her real estate website. I told her I would find her something so she could uniformly resize photos in a batch…and here you go and post exactly what I need. Good Stuff!

    At tip that I use, I keep a notepad near my computer (I know it’s old fashioned to use paper) and phone for jotting down ideas for future posts. Sometimes when I am coaching it dawns on me that my client’s question or circumstance is something universal and would make a good blog post.

    Another idea is when I am reading I use post-it or sticky notes and flag pages that bring to mind good content.

    One more is that I tell about stupid things I do that teach me lessons. Once I tried running up a DOWN escalator – I actually made it to the top but nearly passed out. There was a line in the UP escalator and I didn’t want to wait. Sometimes people try to take stupid short cuts in business and end up paying for it. It’s much harder to do business that way.

  2. Hi Melody! Good to know that you enjoyed this post and found something useful to take away. Yes, I always say that I am not a Photoshop professional user and I prefer to do things fast without waiting for the Photoshop (good though it may be, it still is a professional software and takes some time to fire up) to start. Oh anyone can use Faststone easily, even people who’ve never used an image resizer. It’s pretty darn intuitive and for a free software, it cannot get better than this.

    Your pen and paper technique is something I use all the time too. I have pens and notepads everywhere in my home and office and I use colourful post-its to bookmark paragraphs in books! So my books are all pretty colourful with post-its sticking out in various ways. I learn lots at your blog too. 😉 Thanks for leaving comments!

    • Marsha – yes, sometimes we all need some little tricks to get our days sorted out. I guess we all need that batch processing mode to do things faster. Glad you found it useful!

  3. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely try the 3 per post blog tactic.

    Thanks for taking your precious time to come by my blog and leave that awesome comment. I like your soup queen blog, will try one of the recipes these days.

    Oh by the way, if you’re planning to use turmeric on your face, keep it to the tiniest amount, because you have very light skin color. Hope the facial mask works for you.

  4. Hi Aurolicioz
    Thanks! The 3 posts technique is useful for days when you suddenly get a whole lot of inspiration to write. I myself use it often especially when I am suddenly inspired by something I’ve read or seen online. It gets me going for a long while so why waste the energy? 😉 That said, thanks for reading my soupqueen blog. It’s something I do on the side haha. Will definitely try out the facial mask!


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