Looking to Increase Web Traffic? Don’t!

I thought this was a brilliant explanation by Melody Campbell, the Small Biz Guru on why you should not be thinking if increasing web traffic. Far too many people get excited at the thought of attracting website traffic/website visitors but let Melody clue you in on why you should not … Read more

If You Have Not Eaten It, How Do You Know It’s Delicious?

I thought this was a great blog post by Jeremiah Owyang about vendors who recommend solutions to clients but often they themselves don’t even use that solution! I think that’s the worst possible crime to commit. Imagine your client asking you for a solution and you propose a solution that … Read more

More MBA Lessons From Bruce Lee (Part 2)

On Friday, I blogged about what Bruce Lee can teach you about marketing and business. Today I am going to go even further with more business and marketing lessons from Bruce. 1. Good is never enough If you think you are good, think again. It is never enough. Before you … Read more

What Bruce Can Teach You About Marketing…Seriously (Part 1)

I have a serious addiction towards martial arts and in particular Bruce Lee. Maybe it’s because I was born when Bruce Lee’s fame was at its height. Everyone talked about Bruce. Although Bruce was a martial artist/founder of Jeet Kun Do, and later a movie star, Bruce is seriously a … Read more

Living Life On The Other Island

Our Langkawi trips are much welcome because we get to breathe in fresh Langkawi air! This time, we had enough time to go boating with friends and enough time to have dips in the ocean. And actually feel like a tourist because we took our time exploring Pantai Tengah. Whenever … Read more

What Autumn Looks Like

I looked out of our office window today and saw that the grass was turning a shade of gold, almost like autumn! Sure, the heat’s on and the plants are getting their share of being sunburnt but if you stretch your imagination a bit, you could even believe it’s autumn … Read more

What Makes A Good Writer?

It’s easy to write. It’s tough to write well. That I’ve realized over the years especially over dinner conversations with friends and business clients. Especially when they realize I started out as a copywriter. I started out working with a small advertising firm by a stroke of genuine luck – … Read more

MIRC 2009 Chinese New Year Dinner

Last night, we decided to join Patie and the rest of the MIRC folks at the CNY Dinner at Chef & Brew Restaurant at Krystal Point. After all, we had not joined any of the activities since the MIRC moved to their own premises at SunTech City. While we had … Read more