11 More Tips to Help You Promote Your Business

As promised, I am continuing my 11 tips (so in total you get 24 marketing tips for free) after last week’s 13 tips.

1. Get a Youtube account

Make and upload some useful videos. What’s useful? Not your perfect corporate video. Dump that. If it’s too polished people get scared. Example, make some videos of how to use your products especially if your product is complicated or hard to understand. You can also create a video of your services if you don’t have a product. We did some simple videos for some clients this year. And from their feedback, it has been quite profitable!

2. Comment intelligently

This applies to everything you wish to comment on such as blogs and forums. Giving valuable, intelligent and well-thought out answers always make you stand out and get people interested to come over to check you out. You want to attract people, not repel them. Intelligent comments win over blatant ones like “Come check out my amazing products”.

3. Contribute articles to article directories

If you have time but no money (and that’s why the advertising option is out for you), try writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Here’s some article directories you can submit to:





4. Import your blog posts into Facebook

There’s a cool Import Blog/RSS feed function which you can use to make sure that your blog posts are imported automatically into Facebook each time you update your blog. Very useful! Get the how-to from this blog.

5. Get bookmarked socially

If you blog and I am sure you do (or at least planning to), get more miles out of your blog posts by getting people/readers/fans to socially bookmark your posts and get them noticed. When they get noticed, so do you! Learn how to add social bookmarks to your blog via this video.

6. Put your stuff on eBay

If you run an ecommerce site or a product-driven website, you can use this tip to draw traffic into your own site. Put some products on eBay but ultimately tell customers who buy that they can get even better goodies if they visit your ecommerce store. You can use other online auction sites for this too but eBay is the king of auction so go where the biggest crowd is!

7. Help moderate forums

This one needs some form of volunteerism. You need to help out at forums. And why not? If you spend a lot of time online on some favourite forums, volunteer to moderate. It’s like being a school prefect. The other offline way is to volunteer on committees of your local organisation or club. I have been with Mensa Penang as its committee member for 4 years now. It takes work but you get recognised for your business too.

8. Be a guest blogger

Guest blogging is another way to get eyeballs online. But first you have to be friends with some bloggers. Most bloggers will be honoured you want to guest blog. Just don’t go overboard and brag about yourself. It’s a privilege to be used wisely. When you blog, make sure it is useful to that blogger’s readers too. No point being selfish about this and hog the limelight to yourself.

9. Submit a press release

This is from the days of offline media (which Krista studied in Mass Comm when she was in uni so I am taking a leaf from her). Submit press releases online to get your traffic. Don’t know what a press release is or how to write one? I’ve got the perfect example here. After that, submit your release to these sites:

PR Web

Free Press Release

PR Log

10. Help answer questions

You can’t go wrong if you spent some time helping to answer questions online. Start with Yahoo Answers. This will give you the extra publicity and mileage and of course, people will get to know you and your business. Remember if you want to promote your business, it’s best to stick to questions and answers relevant to helping you promote your business. Example, if you sell baking supplies online, start by helping to answer questions related to baking under Food & Drink category.

11. Connect with your customers

Finally, this is Marketing 101 but we all forget. No one loves you more than your customers so get your customers’ email addresses and make a point to always stay in touch! You can do this with a mailing list system that does it easily and automatically for you.

But a final word – actually a simple fact that I’m surprised no one has realised – before you go and implement all the 24 tips that I’ve given here, keep in mind the final destination is your website.

And if your website is in a terrible shape, not user-friendly, not designed to attract people to linger and find out more about you, then you will be wasting your time with these tips.

FIRST get your website in order THEN implement these marketing and promotion ideas for maximum effectiveness. Otherwise, you spend so much time getting people to your website only to have them click off because your website, the promise of all promises, does not live up to their expectations of what a great business you are.

That’s it, people.

My 24 tips for turbo-charging your marketing and promotion for 2009.

I hope you have learnt something and if you have your share of tips to add, please feel free to share. Everyone improves by sharing and helping!

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