Why You Cannot Escape Googledom

We use Gmail a lot around here.

We use Google Reader to keep tabs on our favourite blogs, we use GoogleDocs for much of our writing and documentation, we use lots of its chat feature too.

We even encourage our clients to do so because Gmail is easy to use and has lots of features that makes even the most hardcore GTD fan happy. I say this because I love the labelling system and I am always looking for better ways to manage my daily load of emails. (Read this Wired article on how you can get the best out of Gmail, if you haven’t figured it out yet!)

Aside from always improving itself, Gmail is perhaps the best way to stay connected no matter where you are.

And now, Gmail allows you to video chat.

I know, you probably have Skype. And you probably (like me) use Skype a lot.

That’s fine but now you can do it all within your Gmail.

I think that’s one more reason to love Google. Or depending on how you view the big G, why you cannot escape Googledom.

It’s bad to be dependent on one single entity but how not to love Google when it’s so smart and intuitive and gives you apps which make your life a lot more enjoyable and convenient?

Discover how to use this videochat at the official Gmail Blog.

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