Today’s PR Is Not Your Mama’s PR Anymore

Throughout the year, we get a lot of enquiries from local PR and ad companies who want us to send them a rate card. A rate card simply means a price listing of products/services. They want a rate card so that they can tag on web design as part of … Read more

Why You Cannot Escape Googledom

We use Gmail a lot around here. We use Google Reader to keep tabs on our favourite blogs, we use GoogleDocs for much of our writing and documentation, we use lots of its chat feature too. We even encourage our clients to do so because Gmail is easy to use … Read more

Fabulous Marketing Director for Rent

One of my earliest friends from social networking is Sunny whom I met back in 2004! I call her my friend/mentor/soul sista because she really is one of the smartest women I know (and I happen to know lots of smart women but she really takes the cupcake, icing and … Read more

The World’s Your Oyster Now, What The Heck Are You Waiting For?

Here’s something a little different from the usual blog posts. I hope you can add to it with your insights too. You could call them insights, ideas or just plain old words, strung up to make sense. 1. It’s OK to Jump If You Know There’s a Rope Tied To … Read more