Handwritten and Sealed


Whenever each festival rolls around, we go on a card-buying spree.

With clients who celebrate various festivals – from Chinese New Year to Hari Raya, from Deepavali to Christmas – we decided long ago that although we work in the IT business, we believe that some traditions should be followed. Especially in our high-tech, fast-paced world.

We are sticklers for cards.

All sorts.

All types.

We love sending greeting cards to clients because we know that a real card is always a joy to receive!

Plus a real card allows us to jot down personal messages and anecdotes to share with clients too.

It’s actually quite tough for us to mail out so many greeting cards, especially when we pen each message by hand AND pen the client’s name and address on the envelope by hand too!

I am not kidding.

Each one is personally signed by us (me & Krista) because nothing gladdens the heart more than the thoughtfulness of the sender, down to the real handwriting.

Many years ago, we thought of printing the addresses en masse but a printed address seems too cold and too impersonal.

But a real card is a delight to the senses.

It lights up the recipient’s day. How do we know? Because we love receiving thoughtful cards too!

Don’t you think that it’s become rather boring to use SMS and e-cards sometimes? And most people delete them anyway after a while.

But a real card – a real card may be kept for posterity! It’s displayed with pride and reminds the receiver that someone not too far away is thinking about them.

I think sometimes the old way may not be so bad after all (except that we here have to write all the cards ourselves!).

Which way do you prefer – do you send printed greeting cards or do you email e-cards? Which do you enjoy receiving most?

And of course, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri if you are celebrating this blessed occasion. I miss my rendang and ketupat!


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