Quality & Why The Web is the Opposite of Printed Matter

What is quality? This term is bandied about all the time, especially if one is in business. Everyone says they produce and sell quality products but quality itself is never defined. Which makes it difficult of course when one talks about Quality. In manufacturing particularly (and this is quite common … Read more

Are You Suitable for a Work-at-Home Position?

This post is written by Nic. I have been a work-at-home person in my early days of setting up Redbox Studio. In fact, both Krista and I know what it feels like to be on both ends – as an employee, as an employer and of course, as the in-betweener, … Read more

Why Ecommerce Is Not Just Any Ordinary Website

Ecommerce is much more than just a pretty visual of the shop front. It’s about the system. Repeat after me, it’s about the system. And an ecommerce website is not just any old website that has an add-on ecommerce capability either. Of course that can be done but why reinvent … Read more