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I love going to bookstores and magazine newsstands. Come to think of it, I spend a lot of time looking for new books, especially books which provoke. I always max out my book buying so I can get my tax rebates for books completely!

Provocative books make good reading and I like to read mostly non-fiction which in this case is either technical stuff (programming, coding, design) or business stuff. I don’t really read fiction because I think the real stuff is a lot more interesting.

Last weekend, I bought a magazine called SUCCESS. This was the 2nd issue and I can tell you, it caught my eye because of some famous faces I recognised on the cover! There was Steve Jobs, Oprah, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Carnegie and a bunch of other people who were ‘the greatest entrepreneurs of all time’.


The magazine even came with a dual disc, a CD and DVD combined into one, so readers can sample some of the good stuff from SUCCESS magazine and of course, its online store where you can buy CDs, DVDs and books to get you all pumped up and inspired to get your act together.

I got the June/July issue but already I am planning to get the first issue which featured Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, yes, the cashflow gurus. I think Robert Kiyosaki enlightened many millions of people the world over the first time his book became a bestseller.

While his basic philosophy on money management is sound, I feel he should come to Asia and see the skyrocketing prices of real estate before everyone runs out to become a landlord!

A few years ago, I saw in an online forum (discussing Robert’s financial literacy methods) a plea from a young Singaporean boy. He was excited to learn how he could earn his financial freedom by being a landlord and get passive income. His problem was that apartments in Singapore were so expensive and how could a young boy like him get started at all?

Good question, don’t you think?

Still, I don’t fault Kiyosaki. It’s not his fault people take his ideas literally and try to emulate everything he says. Information should be evaluated within one’s local context and weighed carefully against local rules and regulations. Kiyosaki wrote for a mainly North American readership. Sure his philosophy can be applied but people shouldn’t go all crazy over it.

Anyway, SUCCESS magazine is the kind of magazine which gets me all inspired.

Now if you want any sort of encouragement to get you into high gear, I suggest you pick up a copy of SUCCESS! Or go preview the good stuff over at http://www.successmagazine.com

Do you know of any fantastic magazines on personal development and business? Share if you have come across any.

To more books and magazines (but I wish the prices were lower!),

P/S: I was at the recent MIRC Tech Nite at Starbucks on 15 Aug and surprise, surprise, our Redbox Biz Blog was kindly mentioned by one of the speakers that night. Thanks Nasir for reading our blog! I welcome you to share your thoughts too on IT and business.

PPS: Thanks to Julian, the Grammatical Pedant. Much appreciation for your sharp eye in spotting it. Thank you for your helpful suggestion – we are now using “Since 1998”!

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