Our Birthday But You Get Lucky…

Got back from Kuching last week where we spent a week at my parents’ home, doing literally nothing. We tried to catch some of the action during the Sarawak Regatta but didn’t manage to see anything interesting as we arrived late noon at the Kuching Waterfront that Sunday.

Interestingly, we managed to enjoy ourselves at Bing where Krista was steamrolled to give a reading. She thought she was going to be an audience but in the end, got called to stand up front to read.

Robert, one of our clients, was the one who roped us in for the reading. We spent the afternoon listening to some highly creative Kuching people who read their poems and stories. (I spent a greater part of the afternoon catching up on reading my emails – Bing had WiFi…. sometimes it’s strange how grateful I am for things I take for granted here in Penang).

So we got back to a bunch of work, as is always the case with brief respites. We were also quite ‘cut off’ from the rest of the world or at least the Internet world when we were in Kuching due to low internet access.

This Merdeka month, we get a brief rest before we scoot off to Langkawi for the launching of our client’s new resort and to get to know a new company that we are consulting for. Lots of exciting things in store then which makes September a month to look forward to. While we are there, food-hunting is always a pleasure! This time, I hope to visit Tasik Dayang Bunting!

This Friday, Krista will be going to KL – to The Westin specifically – for the Great Women of Our Time Awards Gala Dinner and find out if she has won any award in her Science & Technology category. Ning Baizura will be performing at the event, which will be graced by Her Royal Highness, the Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Azizah.

I won’t be joining her though there are 2 invitations to the dinner – I will be busy attending a networking event organised by the MIRC at Starbucks. Will probably go and have a listen to the talks and of course, enjoy my cup of coffee!

I’ll also be busy working on improving our website – it’s still work-in-progress! And of course some new partnerships in store – got to work on those too. Plus I will be picking out some freebies and goodies to share with you in conjunction with our 10-Year Anniversary (which we will probably celebrate in Langkawi if all things go well).

To your web success,


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