Burgers & Pizzas Which Blatantly Lie

Being on the USM campus has its fun moments.

This week is especially exciting. Starting from today until this Sunday is the convocation ceremonies for graduating USM students… and the campus is a hive of activities!

We are located just opposite the Tapak Konvo which is now decked out like a fairground of sorts, with inflatable slides for kids, pony rides, food stalls selling kebabs, burgers, keropok lekor (by the way, what is a keropok lidah ayam?) and drinks, gift stalls, stalls where you can get your portrait drawn, stalls where you can buy last minute bouquets and winnie-the-pooh bears and lots more. Oh and you can even shop for your Crocs sandals and shoes here too, at 30% off (a good deal even if I think the rubber sandals are over-priced and darn ugly!).

Tapak Konvo is where everyone’s at, unless they’re graduating. But traffic is smooth, despite some jams when the crowd goes off at 2 particular times a day, at the end of the first graduating session which is around noon/lunch-time and second session at the end of the day, around 5pm or so.

Even so, we couldn’t park at our regular parking lot today as outstation cars filled every available space. So we made do with parking behind Library 2. Sinyi was luckier….she found a spot just behind our office building, not too far away from the lift.

Our lunch these past 2 days have been easy – just walking across to the Tapak Konvo and buying whatever we fancied. Lots of food to tempt the tastebuds not to mention free Vico beverage too!

I Spy a Burger…
Yesterday we spied the A&W stall but their electricity generator hadn’t arrived yet so we thought we’d try their burgers and root beer today. I can’t recall the last time I ate A&W – must have been 10 years ago. That time, I was in transit at the airport and the only available food was fastfood.

We bought back to the office to eat. Sinyi bought a coney dog, twister fries and root beer for RM11 while Krista bought a cheeseburger and root beer for RM6.80. But what a disappointment when the packages were opened…..

The coney dog was a pathetic sausage on a cold, hard bun.

The cheese burger wasn’t any better. The burger patty was dry, tasteless and unappetising. Heck, Ramlee burgers taste better. It was super thin too. Burger patty on a diet!

The root beer was yucky and diluted! It was a total rip-off meal for the prices we paid.

And the irony is that the A&W tagline was: More Than The Usual. More than the usual what? Crap?

Don’t Sell Awful Food, Ever
If we had walked out of the campus just a few steps, we would have reached KFC or McDonalds and for the prices we paid, we would have had quality food (despite it being fast food). I am sure of that. The quality control of A&W is non-existent. That’s why besides root beer, A&W seems to be failing the fast food popularity contest among the rest. I can understand why.

Poor products are never going to win any customers. In fact, poor products make people gripe and complain to their friends! It takes just one disgruntled customer to spread the word and with today’s blogs and forums, it just takes one complaint to ruin the company. It’s not only about products but customer service (which was apathetic anyway). That’s what you get for hiring people that you don’t bother to train.

I always give second chances because this gives people a reason to improve (Krista thinks it works sometimes but sometimes backfires, like today’s horrible A&W experience). I thought A&W would have become better after all these years. Apparently they haven’t. I don’t think I will be swayed to buy any A&W burger or coney dog for a long, long time.

Why I Will Never Buy Pizza from Pizza Hut
Just like I swore never to eat Pizza Hut’s pizzas because they make a mockery out of us customers.

Have you noticed that the Pizza Hut ads make the pizzas so deliciously topped with chunky ingredients? Whether it is on TV or in the newspapers, the pizzas always look fantastic.

But when you step into any Pizza Hut and order a pizza, be prepared for Pathetic Pizzas with ingredients you can count as they’re so sparse and empty (not to mention lousy taste). I don’t like it that they have these tiny words at the bottom of the ad which says: Products shown are for illustration purpose only.

If they’re not selling what they present in the ad (as it’s for illustration purposes only…and they can say this with a straight face), why show that pizza photo at all?

Imagine if everyone sold products which didn’t resemble what their ads showed. I have often wondered why no one kicks up a fuss about this and accepts this as it is. Does this mean that what you see is not what you get? Ads are lying to us? Ads don’t present the accurate picture?

That’s why we have Zero Fares but when you add everything up, you end up with a full priced air ticket! Hmmm, since it’s so darn popular and no one ever complains about this tactic (and now that MAS has also followed suit – which I believe it shouldn’t as MAS should have some class! Come on lah, you are the national air carrier…why play along and get squeezed?), maybe I should start selling Zero Price or Free Web Design too? *smirk*

That’s why people end up upset. Because they’re most likely going to be ripped off. Why can’t advertising be honest and upfront? Why NOT? Have we become so jaded that we expect advertising to lie to us and we accept meekly and say, hey, it’s OK?

I say it is definitely Not OK to be lied to.

(By the way, did you notice that KFC now stands for Kitchen Fresh Chicken? A re-branding exercise so that people won’t be put off by the frozen chicken issue. Good move really because what with all the health freaks out there who won’t eat ‘fried chicken’ it’s best to re-brand and call oneself ‘ fresh chicken’!). Does it work? I don’t know. I’m still a fan of KFC, fried or kitchen fresh anyway.

How about you? Got a personal fast food story to tell or yell? And tell me too what you think about pizzas and their ads. I want to know if you’re as pissed as I am.

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