Why Photoshop Skill is Terribly Good to Learn

I couldn’t have said it better. This is how you avoid scams… you spot the red flags first.

Most scams or scams-to-be have similar tactics and similar ways of getting you to part with your money.

Here’s a list of the common scammy stuff you’re bound to come across!

Of course the other way is when you sense that something is TOO good to be true, well, most times it’s time for you run away. Far far away.

And the other big danger sign is a badly done website. Nothing reeks of scam in big letters like a one-page website with blinking stuff, colours that look like they were picked by a kindergartener and lots of liberal yellow highlighted text. And of course, the long, 10,897 words sales letter which makes you groggy.

Down with all scams,


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