Taking Business to the NGO

This post was inspired after I spoke to Kat today (thanks, Kat!). I think a lot of times, we get our best blog ideas from talking to clients and friends.

While I always stress that we only design and build websites for business, which means our focus is to help our clients make good connections which eventually lead to orders and enquiries, it does not mean that we’re not going to help if you’re an NGO (non-profit organisation).

Like I was telling Kat, we’re supportive of people who are helping to make the world a greener, better, healthier place. At the same time, it is also our principle to draw the line at the type of community support or sponsorship we offer (we offer up to 90% of sponsorship if the NGO wants to use our Redbox Easyweb and in some cases, offer a generous discount if the NGO wants us to design a fully-customised website).

At the moment, we can help you if you an NGO for women, education (especially children-related non-profit) and environment. It means you can email us if your NGO activities fall into any of these 3 categories.

But like Kat says, NGOs aren’t into making money or a profit. How do we help them in this case?

My take is that every NGO has a purpose.

Unlike a business, its purpose is not to make money.

But like a business, it has a purpose for existence. And using the web has always enabled the good work that each NGO does travel far and wide.

For instance, if you’re an NGO staff reading this, what can a website help you do?


Think about your objectives for the organisation.

Are you looking to rope in more volunteers?

Keen on getting more sponsors and donors?

Almost tripping over yourself to tell the world why the world needs saving?

With a website, you could:

* connect with the right sponsors/donors

* get volunteers to help

* get donations directly (via Paypal/bank in)

* inform people of the ongoing (good) work you’re doing

* show photos, etc.

Like business websites, an NGO website should have ample information so that potential donor/supporter/volunteer can make the right decision to help or donate. Just because you’re an NGO does not mean you should not make your website as user-friendly as possible. It’s even more important that as an NGO, you offer an attractive proposition to people who want to help you in your community endeavours.

This reminds us of a website which we sponsored for an NGO in Myanmar. This NGO builds kindergartens for the Myanmarese children who are often too poor to afford schooling. We decided to help as it fell into our education category. In less than 6 months, the website had attracted not only volunteers from Europe (who were willing to pay their own board and expenses to travel to Myanmar so that they could teach the kids for free) but also grabbed the attention of Lonely Planet!

So yes, especially if you’re an NGO and doing exceptional work for the community, use a website to help spread the news!

To your web success,


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