Are You a Narcissistic Designer?

Narcissism is not design. I don’t quite care if you’re a web designer or a graphic designer. If you profess yourself to be a designer with oomph (and I hope there’s pride in your work), you should get the idea that I am quite against narcissism in designers, having worked with many designers over the years.

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The Art of the Carrot

Last week was a whirlwind of activities as we rushed to finish some serious documentation for our Redbox Easyweb before we take off for a short trip to Langkawi. I’m glad to report that most of what’s pending has been resolved.

Plus we are well on our way to wrapping up some clients’ website projects. Phew.

The key with (bigger and more complex) website developments is this: make it as short and sweet as possible. I like to think that anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks is long enough (from design to full launch). Of course, in some cases, this is not possible. Especially if we’re dealing with multiple layers of managerial buy-offs, approvals and feedback. That’s why website development for bigger companies tend to drag on and on.

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Not About the Coffee

You’re not really in the business you think you are.

That’s what I gleaned from my book browsing last week at Borders, after I drank my Starbucks’ coffee. I’m not a big fan of Starbucks’ coffee because I think our local kopi packs more punch. But sometimes, a little indulgence is all right especially if I’m at Borders for a few hours and feel too thirsty to read. Plus it’s not just the coffee. It’s also the expansive view of the Penang Bridge, of Pulau Jerejak. Of comfy wingchairs you could sink in all day. Of the smell of coffee too.

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Birkin or Pasar Malam?

One of the interesting ways to get myself thinking and pondering is always to suss and read other business blogs. Not only do I get a lot of ideas but I also get to understand how other people in other parts of the world think particularly when you read the … Read more