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I’ve been quite quiet this past week – maybe it’s the election fever. Maybe it’s the rainy weather. Or that February, what with Chinese New Year and all that feasting, got to my head and I have to take things a bit slow. That, or it’s called old age. 😉

Before I forget, do vote this 8 March. Go exercise that right of yours as a citizen of Malaysia. (Did I mention that I actually heard Jeff Ooi campaign last weekend? Yes, Jeff Ooi the blogger is contesting in Penang.)

So in the spirit of ‘putting a blogger in Parliament’, this week’s post is something related. I got sent this link by a friend. Good or not, you be the judge.

Of course, who can pass up something titled The Best 50 Blogs and something by the Times Online at that! Let’s not be judgmental but yes, certain names or brands do carry more weight and I’d be lying if I didn’t feel an itch to click on the link and find out.

Many of the blogs ring a bell but then again many are famous blogs. Take the one by Godin for instance. Or Scobleliezer.

Well, the article (is it technically even an article? OK, a list, then) does separate blogs by interests: Health, Media & Marketing,Financial, Engineering, etc. So if you’re not keen on Engineering, you can quickly skip that and move on to blogs in your area of interest.

What I found odd was that Dell’s blog made it into the list – a bit of unsure about Dell’s blog though.

The thing about blogs is this: you may not know it but you may just stumble upon a blog that’s hidden or recommended. It’s a strange roundabout journey but sometimes, a worthwhile one.

Get your 50 best blogs here.

Vote for change,


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