How I Accidentally Became a Freelance Writer and How You Can Too!

(This post is written by Krista. I’m taking a break this week to prepare for my upcoming talk in April. Will post more details on the talk soon and how you can participate.)

Although I have been writing for many years now, I did not actively seek writing opportunities with magazines or newspapers because I run my own business and time is often lacking. But writing is a hobby and most times, my takes on life is published in my blog.

I enjoy travel and food so once in a while I will take some of my blog posts and turn them into full length articles. Sometimes I submit these articles for free reprints to article directories. (I did major in Journalism though so I believe writing keeps my journo muscles lean and mean.)

Imagine my surprise when I was one day contacted by the travel editor of an Australian newspaper who wanted to reproduce my article. I wrote a few articles in 2004 on travelling and dining in Sarawak and the editor had picked one of those to reprint.

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13 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Over the years, I realised that I have collected, used and imparted some tips about what it is to be a business owner/entrepreneur. Did you know that I started off as a home-based business, working out of my rented room then? That was almost 10 years ago.

Although I made that leap out of the home and into an office, I still think that it’s no different really. Business owners have their own ways of doing things. Below I share some tips of how you can be a business owner too. Whether you are a solo-preneur or a 10-person firm, being a business owner is all about having the right attitude.

And having the right attitude is about getting your daily priorities right too.

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How to Say No to a Customer and Really Mean It

Have you ever walked away from a client? Have you ever said “No” to a particular business deal? After 12 years in the business of designing business websites, like it or not, we sometimes have to. While having (big name) customers are great for our design portfolio, sometimes the costs … Read more