How to Build a Website That Search Engines Absolutely Love

I have not been writing many articles lately (I used to write more in 2004 – 2006).

That could be due to the many things I have on my plate. Business is definitely growing [not that I am complaining!] so that leaves me little time for writing.

I promised to share more information in this blog (as part of the resolutions for the year) so I am keeping to my end of the promise.

Writing has always been a stress-reliever. I quite enjoy sharing little tips and pointers plus it always helps me NOT to repeat myself when I speak to clients. I just email them the articles I’ve written so they can read for themselves in their free time.

So this time around, an article titled How to Build a Website that Search Engines Absolutely Love. Read it at Ezine Articles is the only place I submit my articles to.

And once you’re done reading, come back and share with me what you think. Or even suggest some article titles – I’ll be happy to oblige with the articles.

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