We’re 9 Today

Yes, today Redbox Studio is 9 years old!


I started the company (in fact, registered the company) this day 9 years ago.

I had quit my job as an art director with an ad agency (that agency is no longer around even) back in 1998. I didn’t know what I could do but I knew I wanted to do something that was art or design related.

Beginnings are often difficult.

At that time, I rode my “kapchai” (my old Honda motorbike) to Butterworth to register my company. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I wanted the freedom to be my own boss.

I had no business knowledge – I was supposed to be a Sejarah teacher but the rebel that I am, I didn’t even collect my posting letter when I graduated in 1997.

So how did this Sejarah teacher end up as the principal and chief designer of Redbox Studio? Hmmm…. maybe it’s luck. Maybe it’s work. Maybe it’s learning from mistakes. Maybe it’s knowing that I don’t know and I should always learn more, either from books or from the people I’ve met along the way.

One thing I do know is that I enjoy what I do. I really do.

If I had all the money in the world, I would still do this!

I would still enjoy imparting to others what design truly is.

I would still challenge myself every day.

I would still push the boundaries and find out more. And I would still love solving CSS issues which my wife says I am nuts about. (She wonders why I don’t like joining her and her friends in motoring treasure hunts but I enjoy puzzling about CSS! I guess I like real problems and real solutions.)

This year has been great for us at Redbox Studio. We’ve added many more clients, we’ve met fantastic people and we have fabulous partners. We’re also fortunate to be in USM where we collaborate with the USM School of Arts.

We’ve got a spanking new and cosy office, with the signature red wall! (That wows most people when they visit). We’re moving in the direction we’ve envisioned for ourselves – it wasn’t easy to find where we wanted to go but once we made a decision, we realised the road was there all along!

We’ve had our starts and stops when it came to getting the right employees but our team is firming up nicely now. I wouldn’t call them employees – they’re more like family anyway.

So far, I’m quite pleased with how the business is turning out. We’re already planning for our one decade in business (which happens next year but we’re already planning it now!).

And if you’re a client, friend, supporter and evangelist of Redbox Studio, we thank you for believing in us! We could not have done it without YOU!

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