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This week, I thought I’d get out of my story mode and let you in on a few things that have been happening in our lives.

For one, we’ve been busy as bees. But we promised ourselves we’ll clear as much of the work – hopefully by the end of this week. The good thing is, many of the website design work we’re developing for clients are almost completed. It’s always good to begin but it’s always better to complete and hand off to clients.

Of course, web design work never ends. We have a new bunch of clients too, all lined up for October and beyond. One or two has already begun (of late, we are getting a number of out of state clients too).

And it’s already September too. And in no time, we’ll have reached the end of 2007. I think, where has the year gone? My wife often chides me that we work so much that we often forget that the days, weeks and months fly by.

The other thing I’m quite excited about is our new office space. We’ll be moving to the 2nd floor of Eureka Complex (USM) come October. It’s not a very big space but it’s better than our current office anyhow. I’ll miss the easy ground floor office. This new office space is bright, as it is surrounded on 2 sides by windows. Of course, our business cards need to be reprinted since it’s on a different wing, and hence, we need to change our office address (well, at least the Suite portion).

Other than that, we’re looking forward to a number of projects – some personal – which we have put on the backburner until now. Check back with us on this blog as we’ll announce much of it soon. Consulting will be one of them. That’s a big hint.

We’re also updating our website with new information and most of it will be done by this weekend. Our portfolio section definitely needs a fresh update as we have had lots more new clients with a number of interesting designs. However, we will still maintain that our portfolio is NOT to show how many clients we have but the kind of designs that we do.

Our designs are clean and clear. We de-emphasise the use of Flash or any sort of bling bling UNLESS a client really insists. Our motive is to help clients boost their business with a business website. We don’t do entertainment websites – you know, the type of sites which have everything but information.

I’ve also taken a firm stand that Redbox Studio does not do mockups until the project is confirmed or signed off. We do not pitch. In fact, just 2 weeks ago, we turned down a major job in Sungai Petani because we were asked to pitch. I believe pitching is not necessary. Others may think it’s useful but hello, it’s the new world and pitching with 3 or 4 designs is ridiculous and a pure waste of time. If you are serious, we’ll come and help you create a website that works. As someone once said, “Pitching pitching itu semua tak main lah.” For once, I agree.

Anyway, I shall blog more once my work’s done. Until then, keep your eyes peeled.

To your web success,


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