Design Sells Mooncakes

We were shopping for mooncakes last week and one thing struck us as not so uncommon these days: people are more visual these days and the mooncake producers know this well. They know that to sell a truckload of mooncakes to people like me and you, they need more than just delicious, premium quality mooncakes. They need Design.

With a plethora of mooncakes under different premium brands (and sometimes not so premium brands either), how does one mooncake maker stand out?

That’s where Design comes in.

Humans are visual creatures. That’s why we are attracted to things of beauty. It’s natural.

And in absence of any other feature we can bank on (such as taste of mooncake, flavours, etc) we fall back on the design of the box or packaging which we buy the mooncakes for! It isn’t surprising that most people will judge a mooncake (its taste and flavour) by the packaging or box it comes in!

I mean, let’s face it. We have no time to taste every mooncake we buy. Most times, we buy them for our loved ones and friends. We give mooncakes as gifts to represent ourselves and of course we want our mooncakes not only to taste good (not overly sweet – we’re a healthy nation these days) but look fantastic too.

So we go for the packaging which speaks to us. The nicer the packaging, the more we’re pleased to give them away as gifts! Sometimes we may even keep one or two of the single boxes for ourselves. I saw once a box by Purple Cane Teahouse and it was a beautiful work of art – too pretty to just put mooncakes in. I am sure any recipient would be happy to get not only the edible but also the inedible (in this case, the box).

In the end, design matters. Design is how we as a culture of people show art and beauty. Design is how we perceive the world. It is how we want others to perceive us too. Design is also in the everyday of our lives – it is not just in special gifts or furniture. And ask the mooncake makers – Design sells mooncakes more than the mooncakes sell themselves!

Anyway, have a glorious Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! It’s time to sit under the full moon with friends and family for a good round of tea and mooncakes.

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