Design Sells Mooncakes

We were shopping for mooncakes last week and one thing struck us as not so uncommon these days: people are more visual these days and the mooncake producers know this well. They know that to sell a truckload of mooncakes to people like me and you, they need more than just delicious, premium quality mooncakes. They need Design.

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Differentiate, Don’t Imitate

Ever went to a website and read hollow marketing messages which didn’t mean a thing but sounded like they meant something if only you could find out what? I am sure you can recall plenty! What’s a hollow marketing message? How about:

“We are well-positioned to use cutting-edge technologies to provide the best quality services to our global customers.”

“Our exceptional quality and promise of excellence is our assurance to you.”

Empty marketing messages on websites are annoying to read and don’t communicate anything to customers. This also happens when most companies take the lazy way out – they just copy whatever text is found on their brochure or flyer and put it online.

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Web Design and More

This week, I thought I’d get out of my story mode and let you in on a few things that have been happening in our lives.

For one, we’ve been busy as bees. But we promised ourselves we’ll clear as much of the work – hopefully by the end of this week. The good thing is, many of the website design work we’re developing for clients are almost completed. It’s always good to begin but it’s always better to complete and hand off to clients.

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Why No one is Buying from Your Online Shop

I am going to blog about this question today because all too often, I get asked and instead of replying one by one, I am going to say what I have to say in this blog post. I have friends and acquaintances who, excited and eager to set up their … Read more