From Hobby to Business

We’ve met many interesting people online throughout our years of business. Maybe it’s because we have a website and a blog (and of course our offline and online strategies too) and we’re ‘visible’ in that way.

Whatever it is, we’re always glad to learn more about other people online especially successful ones who run online businesses.

Two days ago, we had dinner with Yeo (he wants to remain mysterious like Deep Throat of the X-Files fame so we won’t blow his enigmatic cover) and our dinner stretched on for over 4 hours as we chatted about anything and everything – from his love of audio to his love for Roomba. And his Monica and Charlize, Sophia and Maggie. Plus the love letters his fans write to express their love for Monica, Charlize, Sophia and Maggie.

Actually, Yeo is a very successful online retailer and he has been selling his drivers, electrolytic capacitors, audio DIY kits, USB convertors, amplifiers and semiconductor parts since 1998. He makes a good living from his DIY Paradise e-store, selling sexily named products after hot actresses like Charlize Theron, Maggie Cheung, Monica Belluci and Sophia Loren.

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