What Makes Your Business Special?

In our 12 years of producing websites for clients, we often ask them: what makes your business special that other people will make a beeline for you?

In many cases, these excited entrepreneurs suddenly look deflated.

Almost as if we suddenly burst their bubble.

They look confused and start saying things like ‘our competitive pricing’ or ‘our quick and excellent service’.

But that’s not really the answer unless you really are the cheapest around. In which case, it’s going to be tough because someone will come along and trump you if they are cheaper! Or service. How do you vouch for your excellent service? Doesn’t everyone say that?

Honestly, what makes your business special?

What prompts your customers to call you and do business with you?

Real Reasons People Buy From You

What makes this question difficult to answer is that we have to look within ourselves and really investigate the real reasons people buy from us.

It’s true that many people do not give this much thought – as long as a business is up and running (and in the black), why turn things on its head, right? The formula works and that’s all we need to know.

Oddly, some sheepishly mumble that they’ve nothing special – their products are nothing special.

Oh, how dare they!

It practically riles me.

How dare they be in business and say that their product is ‘nothing special – it’s just the same as our competitor’s product’. These people have not sat down and really thought hard about their offerings!

A Story of Two Translators

I remember many years ago we had a couple of translators as our clients. Each one was a friend of the other but they all did the same thing – translate from one language to another. Client A was worried that we’d write the same copy for her friend, Client B.

It took us some time to research their translation industry, it took us some time to understand their business strategies but in the end, we produced highly differentiated websites for both Client A and Client B in terms of design and most importantly, in terms of copy so that both clients were differentiated completely despite being each other’s direct competitor! We studied their business, took a good look at their markets and audience and came up with completely different copy for each one.

Don’t Be Clueless About Your Business

Just yesterday, a friend told me that she met with a spa owner who opened her spa business not too long ago. This spa woman wanted my friend to help her design her spa brochures.

So my friend asks, “What sets you apart from the other spas around this area?”

The spa owner didn’t have a clue! She was stumped! She said she probably didn’t have anything that made her spa unique!

Of course that’s not right.

Every business can be special, if one knew how to find the precious ‘gems’ of uniqueness. To find that, one must really look inward and ask honest questions about the business.

So take it seriously and ask yourself: what makes YOUR business special?

If you can come up with real answers, you can use those answers in practically all aspects of your marketing, from brochures to website and you won’t have to spout cliches any more. It makes you proud of who you are, as a business and a business owner.

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