Getting Successful Leads For Your Website

The past couple of weeks have been very busy for myself and Krista and of course, the other team members at Redbox Studio.

We’ve been involved in simultaneous web design projects and more (both local and international). While in a sense that’s good, it gives us very little time to focus on some things which we enjoy such as taking time out to just sit and read on our balcony! Of course, that hasn’t stopped us from buying books at MPH and Borders. In fact, our book buying has increased!

Krista is also preparing for her upcoming talk at KDU Penang later this month (she’s been invited again this year) as well as busy with organising her WomenBizSense ladies network too. I’m busy with lots of things as you can see but they’re mostly work- and business-related. And Margaret the fat tabby has the best life of all – she snuggles up underneath my PC table to snooze the day away.

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What Makes Your Business Special?

In our 12 years of producing websites for clients, we often ask them: what makes your business special that other people will make a beeline for you? In many cases, these excited entrepreneurs suddenly look deflated. Almost as if we suddenly burst their bubble. They look confused and start saying … Read more