A Simple Pleasure

One of the advantages of owning one’s own business is that we can take our day off without having to call in sick or take leave. As long as we finish what we’re supposed to do, we can actually take a break between projects.

We had just finished a project last week and gave ourselves a break – our favourite hangout area is at Starbucks @ Borders Bookstore, Queensbay Mall, on a Monday afternoon!

Last Monday, we had taken off to watch the movie Wild Hogs because I’m a big Harley fan (yes, even though I watch Paul Teutul and his crazy sons of the OCC, that’s Orange Country Chopper to those not in the know – I still appreciate sleek, rumbling Harleys!). The good thing about watching a movie on a Monday afternoon is that the crowds are non-existent, the cineplex is nice and empty and there’s no rush for caramel popcorn either!

One of the reasons why we take off on a Monday is because we sometimes work on Saturdays and Sundays too, finishing website development projects for clients.

Anyway, yesterday was no different. Over the weekend, we had worked hard and so we took Monday off for a few errands and to get away from the Internet for a while.

We had to run some errands in downtown Georgetown plus we had to go by a friend’s shop to drop off some clothes and biscuits; she was collecting them for the poor and homeless in conjunction with Easter.

On our way back, we decided to visit Borders and take a quiet break among the books (by the way, Borders is having a sale until 6 May. Lots of bargains!).

The best way to while away a cloudy afternoon is to find a comfy wingback chair in Starbucks, grab a few bestsellers from the book shelves of Borders, order a mug of hot coffee or tazo tea, and just read and people-watch!

Both Krista and I can sit for hours, just reading and watching the world go by. It’s only worth doing on a weekday afternoon; weekend afternoons can be frenetic and you won’t be able to find that nice spot by the window either.

And it gets too noisy too on a weekend. The crowd is also different. On weekdays, you will find people coming by to work a little on their laptops, drink some lattes and chill in their shorts and t-shirts. On weekends, there’s too much noise to work quietly!

Once we’re satiated by our new finds and new books to buy (deciding on WHICH books to buy is a tough decision, as always), we’ll happily pay and go off. We usually leave before the dinner crowd arrives around 6pm. This is the time when the factory folks get off work and many stop by Queensbay for a meal.

Anyway, that’s something we enjoy doing – it’s one of those simple pleasures in life where for a few hours, we are unhurried and we can read to our hearts’ content. It’s not something to be done everyday, because anything that’s overdone gets mundane and boring.

So if you see us in Starbucks Borders one of these days, do come by and say hi. We’d love to have a cup of coffee with you.

PS: The checklist for web design is coming up soon! Yep, I didn’t forget.



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